Founder of Grapefruit ( Better mental health for everyone!


  • Mathieu Simard

    Mathieu Simard

    CTO -- Reveal ad -- Tech Addict -- If you never give up, you never lose.

  • Kristina Grinshpoon

    Kristina Grinshpoon

    Sharing is caring!

  • Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio

    Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio

    Dr. Startup — Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor

  • Your Therapist Friend

    Your Therapist Friend

    Kayla Lane Freeman — Licensed therapist answering the internet’s questions about mental health, relationships and how to be in therapy

  • Luis Godinho

    Luis Godinho

    Making web with WordPress and Vue.js.

  • Adrian O'Connor

    Adrian O'Connor

    Maker of small educational apps

  • Gregory Pike

    Gregory Pike

    Ultimate Frisbee, Ice Hockey, Toronto Maple Leafs, Programming, NL and TO poli, and more stuffs

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